Bring Reality Into Your 3D World

If you’re an active 3D printing creator, a VR/AR model maker, or if your creative work involves using reverse design, then POP2 will make a world of difference in your creations.

  • High Accuracy

  • Fluent Scanning

  • Better Color

  • 2-in-1 Versatility

  • Eye-Friendly

  • Easy Software

Super-Powered Accuracy

The core hardware of POP2 adopts the principle of binocular and Micro-structured light. With the help of the proprietary micro projecting chip, POP2 ensures that the fast acquired 3D point cloud data has high accuracy, and the highest single-frame accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

Perfect Scanning Fluency

10 fps 3D images capture every little detail, supporting feature, marker and color alignment. Embedded 6 Dof Gyroscope enhances point cloud stitching for a perfect scanning fluency.

Fantastic Color Effect

Through the high-resolution global exposure sensor, synchronization with the depth camera by hardware triggering, POP 2 can directly generate vivid 3D models for 3D animation, color 3D printing, etc.

2-in-1 Versatility

POP2 integrates handheld scanning and tuntable  scanning, and supports switching freely between these two scanning modes.


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